Gland Packing

A seal which is generally also called a seal is a part in a machine tool construction that functions as a barrier/blocker for the entry and exit of liquids, both process fluids and lubricants.


What Is Gland Packing

What exactly is Gland Packing?
Gland packing is a material used as a sealing solution for industrial equipment that involves rotary motion such as mixers, pumps and valves. It is stuffed between the housing and the moving part to reduce the leakage between the two.
GTE 3310
GTE 3320
GTE 3335
GTE 3340
GTE 2610
GTE 2630
GTE 2610 WGP
GTE 2600 - Glass Fiber
GTE 9045 - PTFE Fiber Packing with Aramid Corners
GTE 9046 - PTFE Graphite Fiber Packing
GTE 9055 - Aramid Fiber Packing
GTE 9048 - PTFE / Graphite Yarn with Aramid Corners
GTE 3320 - Asbes Graphite
GTE 9020 - Ramie Fiber with PTFE Impregnated
GTE 9043 - Pure PTFE Packing
GTE 3335 - Stainless Steel Wire Reinforced Asbetos Packing
GTE 9010 - Expanded Graphite Packing
GTE 9011 - Expanded Graphite Packing with Wire Reinforced